Like mr. Fosbury, we aim to rethink something that is conventional. How can we redesign our work environment? How can we reorganise our work-life balance into harmony?

Let’s create this new inspiring work environment responding to the needs of todays generation. We believe in a human and holistic approach with a touch of rock & roll. So, welcome to all those who think out of conventions, who think different and are changing the world.

Our company name Fosbury & Sons is a tribute to mr. Dick Fosbury, who changed the world of high jump competition. As a high school student, Fosbury had trouble with the conventional high jump “straddle” method and failed to even clear 1,5 meters in his attempts. He started tinkering with his approach, and eventually invented the now-dominant style of jumping backwards over the bar, a technique that became known as the “Fosbury Flop.” A few years later, he won high jump gold at the 1968 games, setting an Olympic record with a 2,24 meter leap. Up untill today it has become the standard jump method.