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F O S B U R Y   &   S O N S


Do you ever wonder what an office could be, if it wasn't an endless drip of mediocrity?

With Fosbury & Sons, we set out to create a new kind of workplace, one that values the humanity of the people within its walls. But, more than that we wanted to create a space that no longer catered to an outdated view on work. Work can be more than a monthly paycheque, than the food it brings to our table, than the sponsor of our basic needs and our escapism. With Fosbury & Sons—an office for the employee, for the individual, for the start-up, for the entrepreneur, and for the company both large and small—we want to create a renaissance of work. A place to collaborate, to celebrate, and to learn from one another; a place where you can come together, and a place to be apart.

We are as much a product of our culture as we are the shapers of it and we want to build upon the culture that bred the office of the twentieth century, to see its flaws, and do better.We want to redefine a place of work into a place of purpose, into a place where a labour of love can be born. 

In an office that values you and the work you do, who could you be?

The office is dead. Long live the office.


T h e    L a t e s t   f r o m   
T h e   F o s b u r y   J o u r n a l

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We’re attentive to how our space looks, feels, and smells. Our home, a modernistic cathedral, designed by Léon Stynen in 1958, stripped down to its rough concrete bones and combined with wood, steel, glass, textiles, and lush greenery. A new interpretation for a new kind of working.


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We believe that freelancers, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, start-ups, established companies, businesses both large and small, as well as big corporations create a valuable network. We are stronger through collaboration and an exchange of our skills.


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The events we put on are the glue of our community.


Sport Events

Product Launches

Art Exhibitions

Business Meetings


Press Releases

Fashion Shows



Living Room Concerts

Photo Shoots



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Let us be your host and spoil you with our services. We offer a wide range of benefits to make your work and life easier, as well as tailor-made packages to meet your professional needs.

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