Fosbury & Sons is an antidote to the office of the past. The way most offices are organised doesn’t correspond to the needs of today’s and the upcoming generation. It’s outdated and rooted in the rigid mentality and the grey, traditional work atmosphere of the 60’s. With nearly three hours lost each day to office-related interruptions and distractions, a traditional office space is no longer considered the most productive and those lost hours cost businesses over millions each year. 

With Fosbury & Sons, we set out to create a new kind of workplace, one that values the humanity of the people within its walls. But, more than that we wanted to create a space that no longer catered to an outdated view on work. Work can be more than a monthly paycheque, than the food it brings to our table, than the sponsor of our basic needs and our escapism. With Fosbury & Sons—an office for the employee, for the individual, for the start-up, for the entrepreneur, and for the company both large and small—we want to create a renaissance of work. A place to collaborate, to celebrate, and to learn from one another; a place where you can come together, and a place to be apart.

In an office that values you and the work you do, who could you be?

The office is dead. Long live the office.


Our company name, Fosbury & Sons, is a tribute to Mr. Dick Fosbury, who changed the world of high jump competition. Like Mr. Fosbury, we aim to rethink something that is conventional. How can we redesign our work environment to better suit the needs of today’s generation? How do we create harmony between life and work in our ever evolving social landscape?