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Wellness For Business organizes different workshops about the well-being and health at work in our Antwerp location. The fourth and last session will be about watching out for a burn-out. A burn-out seems to be the buzzword of recent years. But what is it anyway? A burn-out is an energy disorder, which is caused by too much pressure on both private life and the work situation. Characteristics such as idealism, a great sense of responsibility and not being able to say no, ensure that the capacity decreases. People feel tired, chronically stressed, get vague physical ailments and all have the feeling of a large time shortage During this information session you will receive answers to the following questions: - Stress or burn-out: when does stress turn into burn-out? - Who is susceptible to burn-out? Recognize the signals. - Stressors: what causes stress in your professional life? - What makes it nice to work in your company or from a co-working place?

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€15 per session - cash before start event

Min. 15 participants

Language workshop: Dutch

Earlier Event: May 5
Later Event: June 2