Let's have fun!


Let's have fun!

Be our guest and discover 4000 m2 of CONCRETE WILD LIFE on a daily basis.


Furthermore we host some very exciting events, enriching your knowledge or just relaxing your mind.

Would you like to be informed about our future events?

Please reach out to and we'll keep you posted. 

We are looking forward to welcome you. 

Fosbury & Sons



- Live Jazz Dinner -


We invite you for a dinner and live music,  

serving you a tribute to Amy Winehouse .

Italian jazz/soul singer and guitar player Francesca Biancoli lives in Cape Town, South Africa

and has very close similarities to Amy Winehouse's voice and looks.


She started performing her songs with her project 'Remembering Amy'

which has had a successful run in Europe, with a full live show including a horn section.

Francesca brings the music of Amy Winehouse back with love and respect to the original.

At one of the performances in Cape Town, Amy's uncle happened to be in the crowd

and later phoned Amy's mother to tell her that Franscesca was the closest thing to Amy he had ever heard.

 Franscesca spoke to Amy’s mother on the phone and it was a very emotional moment for the both of them.


We invite the lovely miss Biancoli to bring you a night to remember.



We have already had some fun in the past.

Listed below you can find a few of those lovely moments.

But what is more important, we have a lot more crazy things coming at you.

Getting up early is the new Rock & Roll. Enjoy this exclusive LIVE CONCERT at Fosbury & Sons.

By the rising sun, Ozark Henr will perform in this intimate setting. 

Breakfast is being served by Coffeelabs.

Waking up can be so beautiful.


As a member of Fosbury & Sons you get privileged access.

Let us know if you want to be part of this.


Saturday morning 10 AM, 1st of April.

A collaboration with De Morgen.

A one-night dinner with Chef Thomas Van de Weyer,

an autodidact who refined his skills at The jane and Pure C.



This event is fully booked.

To the lucky ones... Enjoy your dinner.

Sorry to those who missed out on this one.

We are happy to welcome you next time.




The 8th of December we were honoured to welcome you to the Grand Opening of Fosbury & Sons.

 Together with Coffeelabs we were pleased to be your host.

We truly had a blast. Hope you enjoyed the evening as well as we did. 

Thank you all for joining us!

And thank you for all the kind words.

We've shared some pictures of the evening on our facebook page.

Beauty captured by our photographer Kris Lathouwers