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What is Fosbury & Sons?

Fosbury & Sons is a co-working office with current and upcoming locations across Belgium and Europe. We cater to freelancers, small and mid-sized companies, as well as large corporations, and offer our members and guests a workspace with the look and feel of a luxury boutique hotel.

Each of our locations has:

- A reception: Where guest and members are welcomed, but it's also the space where you can direct your questions, and pick up any postage that doesn't fit in your mailbox.

- A lobby: The perfect space to work, eat, and relax.

- Shared workspace: Pick your spot, the lobby is yours to work in. Have something else in mind, our resident and atelier memberships come with access to a closed working space.

- Small, mid-sized, and large office suites: whether you're a small, mid-sized, or large company, we're bound to have the perfect office for you.

- Meeting Rooms: We offer different sized meeting rooms, something to fit any event, meeting, or seminar you have in mind. Our resident, atelier, suite, and corporate memberships come with access to smaller meeting rooms at no extra charge, and our corporate memberships come with private meeting rooms.

- An in-house cafe & bar: Fosbury & Sons has partnered up with Coffeelabs to take care of your coffee needs, as well as breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, a steady supply of after-work drinks, and catering.

- Lounge spots, focus booths, a library, open kitchen, and play areas.

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Do I have to be a member to access Fosbury & Sons?

The short answer: No. Fosbury & Sons thrives on creating the perfect work atmosphere. It's a space where you can not just work, but collaborate, and grow your network. Therefore, we've implemented a member and guest policy, so everyone can get the best out of Fosbury & Sons.

We have several options for non-members:

- Book a table for breakfast or lunch at Coffeelabs.

Half-day and Full-Day Visitor Passes: Perfect to test us out or work with us on a day-by-day basis. A Visitor's Pass comes with the use of our stunning lounge, a bite to eat and a drink, and of course, you’re welcome to invite guests and clients over.

- Book a Meeting Room: We invite you to host your events, meetings, and seminars with us—an offsite location to make all the difference.

- Come to one of our events: We put on a wide array of exciting events, from workshops to conferences, from private dinners to product launches, and of course events in celebration of our members and partners. If you'd like to be informed of our upcoming events, get in touch with Charlotte.

Family, friends, and guests of our members are always welcome.

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What kind of memberships do you offer?

We offer a range of memberships to suit just about anyone, you can find an overview over on our Work page.

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What are the benefits of a membership?

Fosbury & Sons creates a space where working becomes easier than ever:

Serviced front desk welcoming you and your clients.

- A network of hard-working, innovative, and fun-loving individuals.

- A professional environment to host your clients.

- Dedicated workspace outside of the home or outside of the headquarters.

- Benefit from our partnership reductions (Odettes Lunettes, Sennheiser, Samsung, Furnified, Lannoo, Luster, Bolides & Audi, Cafe Costume, ...).

- Reduction on meeting rooms.

- Prior access to events, workshops, and sports organised at F&S.

- Coffee, tea, fresh fruit and purified water.

- Personal touch: You’re not a dime a dozen, we like to know all of our members.

Becoming an F&S member is more than a list of services and benefits, it’s a community of colleagues, entrepreneurs, innovators, and large and small businesses who are just as committed to work as you are. It’s an opportunity to collaborate, exchange, and grow as both individuals and a community.

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What kind of offices do you offer?

We offer both shared working spaces, as well smaller, mid-sized, and large office suites. A one-person company or freelancer, then our lobby (club & nomad membership) or access to our private working area (resident membership) will suit you to a T.

Prefer a space where you're computer and working materials can have a permanent a home, then look into our shared office spaces (atelier membership).

We also offer small, mid-sized, and large office suites, tailor-made to suit you and your company's growth (suite & corporate memberships).

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Where can I book a meeting room?

Our meeting rooms come in multiple sizes, something to suit whichever need you have. Our smallest room takes up to eight people, while our largest room can hold up to sixty-five. Have an event or a seminar in mind, then consider renting our lobby, which takes up to three-hundred people.

You can book one here.

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What time does Fosbury & Sons open and close?

During the week, our cafe is open from 8.30 am till 5 pm, and closed on the weekends.

Our resident, atelier, suite, and corporate memberships come with 24/7 access. For guests and nomad memberships, F&S is accessible during daytime in the week.

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Can I have coffee, breakfast, or lunch at Coffeelabs?

As Fosbury & Sons is still a working environment we don't allow people in for drinks, we do however allow reservations for breakfast and lunch. Book your spot.

If you'd like to spend more time at F&S, but don't have a membership we offer half-day and full-day passes.

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