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Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort opens its doors

At the edge of the verdant Sonian Forest in Brussels, stands a modernist tower that contrasts beautifully with its surroundings.

Its dramatic shape, both industrial and organic-looking, was what caught the eye of Fosbury & Sons founders Stijn Geeraets and Maarten Van Gool, when searching for locations to grow their co-working concept.

Photography: Beeldhouwers

Photography: Beeldhouwers

“The character of the building, its history, its exceptional architecture, the spirit of the age in which it was built, it just fits,’ says Stijn. “It has an extraordinary architecture that is also super functional.”

An extraordinary architect is behind this, indeed, remarkable design: Constantin Brodzki, of Polish-Belgian descent. Now at the ripe age of 93, he lives in a quiet Brussels suburb, in an unassuming home where furniture designed by his friend Jules Wabbes takes pride of place.

Brodzki, who still refers to his modernist masterpiece as ‘the most modern building in Belgium’, was ahead of his time.  When, in 1970, he completed construction on these former headquarters of CBR, a cement company, his decision to use curved concrete modules was unheard of – and proved visionary. This modernist aesthetic, more sculpted than traditional Brutalism, has been imitated in dozens of other Brussels office buildings since.

Today, the building’s bones are still intact – a fact that Fosbury & Sons eagerly makes use of. Renovations were necessary, but a great amount of materials, details and finishes were preserved, along with furniture and built-in units. The interior design, taken on by Going East, serves to complement the authenticity of this new Fosbury & Sons outpost, their first one in Brussels. It’s open for business soon, so book a tour to discover the possibilities Boitsfort offers, from convenient flexible desks to smartly designed meeting spaces.  

Spread over seven of the building’s nine floors, Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort will be another co-working space that feels warm and welcoming: 7000 square meters of space to deliver an exceptional experience of working in close proximity to both the centre of Brussels and the leafy surrounds of the forest – we could not possibly ask for anything that’s better for that much-coveted work-life balance.