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Hannah Verstreken’s favourite spot

As an open and welcoming office environment, Fosbury & Sons has permanent, and less permanent members. We spotted Hannah Verstreken as she was sitting away from her usual spot at the long table she shares with other interns at Den Antwerpenaar, a city experience platform that’s expanding into a three-monthly printed version soon. Find out what she thinks of Fosbury & Sons and how she views the future of work.

Favorite spot - Hannah.jpg

FoS: How are you enjoying your first internship at Fosbury & Sons?

“I’m enjoying it very much. I’ve been here every day for the past ten weeks and it’s a beautiful place to work. You’re free to go wherever you like, you can hang around - I also love the pool table! It’s a great environment with a lot of windows. There are loads of books and magazines to peruse and get inspired by.”  

FoS: What is it about this specific spot that you like?  

“I like the paper roll that hangs here - great for brainstorming. The little Morrocan-style cushions are nice too, and it’s handy to be close to the coffee!”

FoS: How do you see your future work environment, after you’re finished studying?

“At the moment, I’m in my last year of Media and Entertainment Business at Thomas More. Well, I’d love to work in a place like this! It must be great to be so close to people from other companies that you can mingle with. But I’m not sure where I will end up yet …”