Boitsfort opens:


a note from the founders

The opening night of Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort was just a few weeks ago, and we’ve been quite frankly overwhelmed by the positive vibes and flying start that we’re so thankful to have experienced. Our lovely new location has been buzzing so far, and in the spirit of seizing momentum, here are some thoughts from Serge Hannecart, Stijn Geeraets and Maarten van Gool on the emotions, values and energy it took and continues to take, to make Fosbury & Sons an ongoing success.


 “We have the honour to say a few words on behalf of a fantastic team. The greatest gift you can give us, is your presence tonight. We’re not standing here alone, on our own. We’re very pleased to welcome you here.

What you see here is the work of a fantastic team. More than 250 people worked on this project. I take a bow for you all. Thank you.

All you need is a good team. Have the right people with you, and you’ll be amazed by the results. That’s just what we did here: in three and a half months, we’ve realized this entire project.

We are on a mission.

We want to change something.

Our focus is to improve the quality of our lives, on a daily basis. We want to put a smile on the face of people, every day, again and again.

A beautiful environment is just one piece of the puzzle, and it’s what we can offer here, now, in Brussels.


Housed in a modernist masterpiece by the Belgian-Polish architect Constantin Brodzki, the interior of our second Fosbury & Sons outpost has been carefully preserved and renewed, with Going East as our architectural lead. They’ve created yet another warm, welcoming and healthy working environment for you to explore, just as they did in our Antwerp building.

We call this style of interior design: “when a Seventies James bond takes a ride back into the future and lands in Japan in 2018”.

This building, which was undervalued for too long, deserves to be used, walked through, and enjoyed. We want everybody to be able to come in and experience this building, this beautiful environment that has now found an new destination as a co-working space.

Bruxelles ma belle, nous sommes arrivés.

Our first venue in Brussels is a beauty, a masterpiece. Our Antwerp space is not bad, either. We have the ambition to connect cities and especially the people in them. We do this via art, beautiful aesthetics and new business opportunities. In the end, it’s those human connections between people that make us truly happy.

I would like to end with a quote taken from our company values, a text that describes the foundations of our company vision, and which is quite applicable for tonight:

What’s life without joy? If there’s one thing we tend to forget about when it comes to our workday, it’s to inject a bit of fun into it.

Let’s not take ourselves too seriously. We’re not the sole possessors of truth. There’s relief in getting it wrong sometimes, and there’s humor in learning the hard way. In the Fosbury & Sons workplace, there’s space for laughter and pleasure.”