Our Meeting Rooms

The environment we move through, live within, and work in has an impact on us. That’s why we’ve created an extraordinary space not just for you to work in, but to play in, to learn in, and to collaborate within. We invite you to host your events, meetings, and seminars with us—an offsite location to make all the difference.


Board Room

(max. 14 persons)


Our meeting rooms come in multiple sizes, something to suit whichever need you have. Our smallest room takes up to eight people, while our largest room can hold up to sixty-five. Have an event or a seminar in mind, then consider renting our lobby, which takes up to three-hundred people.


Living Room

(max. 65 persons)


We pride ourselves on our service, that’s why we welcome you as you would welcome friends at home. When you hire a meeting room with us, our staff is there to greet you, and you have full access to our social space: lobby, bar, lunch room, lounges, and focus booths. 



(max. 300 persons)


Need a little extra? We offer beamers, screens, sound options, and for after-hours events you can choose to have our staff present. Hungry or thirsty? Coffeelabs, our on-site team of foodies, creates a variety of seasonal and pure dishes and will provide your meeting or event with drinks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, some sinfully delicious treats—and of course, some damn good coffee. Whether your guests are omnivores or vegetarians, Coffeelabs's fresh flavours and love for wild and natural food will surprise you either way.


Tailor Room & Play Room

(max. 8 people)

Study Room01.jpeg
Tailor Room02.jpg

Study Room

(max. 12 persons)


Book yourself a meeting room, or our lobby, and experience the difference Fosbury & Sons can make to your seminars, workshops, clients, and partners.


Class Room

(max. 20 persons)