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Our Second Home

Near the end of 2018, Fosbury & Sons will open their second location in our nation's capital. We’ve chosen a modernist masterpiece by Constantin Brodzki as our first Brussels space—7000 m2 of infinite possibility to deliver a unique office experience.

Our expansion into Brussels will cover 15.000 m2 of space and three locations, so your work commute doesn't have to suffer.

Last week,

we invited members, press, and influencers over to share the vision we have for our new location in Brussels. We don't have enough words to describe how honoured we are to house our second location in a building by the hand of the late and brilliant architect, Constantin Brodzki.


The Location

Our new location isn't just a milestone for us, it is a new path on the journey we have undertaken towards reinventing what an office can be, and it is a marker for our continued collaboration with Coffeelabs, Von Yellow, and Aurelie de Burbure.

We are excited to explore our new home and the city it is housed in. It is a city of opportunity filled with exciting people, hidden architectural gems, as well as gorgeous parks and forests.


A love for

vintage, design, high-end architecture, and art are entwined within our DNA. We consider our love for them the building blocks with which we want to improve not just the office experience of people, but their quality of life.

With this in mind, we wouldn't think of tearing down Mr. Brodzki's masterpiece. We will work with what is already there and only try enhance and once more unlock its past potential.


Thank You

We would like to thank Coffeelabs for the wonderful food and our continued collaboration; Von Yellow and Aurelie de Burbure for going into sea with us; and Beeldhouwers for documenting our new path. As well as Studio Laubouche for their amazing work on the table decorations.

Thank you to everyone we aided us in making this happen.


Our New Location


F O S B U R Y   &   S O N S

Chaussée de la Hulpe 185,
1170 Watermael-Boitsfort



Our expansion into Brussels doesn't stop at one location, we are opening three locations in total, so your commute to work doesn't become a drag.

Our upcoming locations in 2019


F O S B U R Y   &   S O N S

Koning Albert II-laan 7,
1000 Brussels


F O S B U R Y   &   S O N S

Alfons Gossetlaan 30
1702 Groot-Bijgaarden