All the right places: Roxane's Favorite Spot

Peaceful and bright office spaces, those are Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort hallmarks, just like in our Antwerp offices. Independent interior designer Roxane has her favorite spot in Boitsfort, where she can let her imagination run wild. Read more about her desk on the sixth floor, little Pamela and why she loves inviting her clients there.


Can you explain to us what Crayon does and what your role is?

I’m an independent interior designer and together with a friend, we founded the architectural company Crayon. We concentrate on renovation projects and are busy boosting our digital visibility. At the moment, we have an Instagram account h.e.l.l.o.c.ra.y.o.n and we are planning to launch our website soon.

Why did you decide to settle here at our Fosbury & Sons venue in Brussels?

I used to work from home, but co-working offices have always inspired me. Being at home all the time provides numerous advantages, but I missed personal interaction. Here in Boitsfort, the community feeling strongly attracts me; the fact that you meet other people allows you to share professional insights.

Networking with other residents has already enabled me to score new projects. Besides, the building is magnificent. It’s an eye-catching place to invite my clients. And on top of all that, I can bring my dog, Pamela, who really is at ease here.

You usually work on the sixth floor, near the window. Is this your favorite spot?

Yes, definitely. The view on the Sonian Forest is amazing and the natural light coming through the windows strengthens my concentration and creativity. I also find it very relaxing to go for a walk during a break or after work.

Would you recommend our coworking space to others?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, I like encouraging people to become Fosbury & Sons members and experience this great outlook on work. The age range and language diversity here ensure the dynamism of this working environment.