All the right places: Sander Gebruers' Favorite Spot

“Affiliprint is the company that’s been at Fosbury & Sons the second longest”, says Sander Gebruers, account manager at Affiliprint, with a proud smile. “We’ve been here since a few weeks before it opened in 2016. But Sander only discovered this perfect spot – his new favourite – a few months ago.


FoS: Tell us why this is where you love to be most of all when working at Affiliprint, at Fosbury & Sons?

“For me, this is the ideal spot to get myself completely focused, in the moment. Here, I’m far away from the hustle and bustle, the scope for distraction is minimal. I suffer from distraction quite a lot. I come here for an intense burst of work: whether it’s making calls, sending emails, researching, or just to think.”

FoS: These one-seater sofas, Togo’s from Ligne Roset, are not bad either.

“They are brilliant sofas to sit comfortably in, without really feeling like you could doze off!”

FoS: How often can we find you here?

“Probably almost every day. Most of the time I work at FoS, and even when I come back from a meeting, I’d rather come back to our office here then do a bit more work at home. I can focus much better here – home can be too familiar at times. And I love that the people who work here are not all straightforward colleagues. I really value being able to have fruitful conversations about other businesses than our own. It’s come to a few great collaborations so far. ”