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we talk to notary Isabel Claessens

The notary profession is one that contains a few constraints. As both a public official and entrepreneur, the notary occupies a specific place in the business world. They must operate a profitable business, yet at the same time, they are restricted in terms of where they are allowed to establish oneself - depending on the legal maximum of notaries in a certain area.

Isabel Claessens, who set up her office at Fosbury & Sons in March 2017, feels lucky to have found her spot here. ‘I’ve been working as a notary for 12 years’, she says. ‘First I worked in a big office where I was one of 7 notaries. Then I started from scratch when I decided to take over another practice.’

Isabel’s practice started as a one-woman-show. Today, she has one associate and is currently on the lookout for another person to join. ‘As a small office, we have to be able to do everything. From family law to property and business law.”

Her previous office was located in a village, Hemiksem, so her move to a bustling city meant a few changes. ‘I had the choice: I could just take an apartment and turn it into an office, or I could come to a co-working space. Here at Fosbury & Sons, you’re all set and ready to go. It’s a bit atypical for a notary to be based at a co-working space, but I can mostly see advantages.’

Isabel Claessens at work in her Fosbury & Sons office. Photography: Jeroen Leurs

Isabel Claessens at work in her Fosbury & Sons office. Photography: Jeroen Leurs

Apart from the practical humdrum - coffee machine, printer, reception - Fosbury & Sons provides so much more, in Isabel’s opinion.

‘The vibe is so positive here, and there’s always someone you can ask something to. There’s a healthy dynamic here, a lot of interaction. You learn from other companies.’

The clients that Isabel receives in her office just across from the Veranda meeting room, are very positive, too. ‘When people come in, they usually expect an old-fashioned kind of notary office. I get a lot of good feedback on the location itself: it breaks the ice. After the meeting is over, many clients stick around for a cup of coffee at Coffeelabs.’

We don’t need more proof than this: you know your office space is a winner when your clients don’t seem to want to leave….