This Building of Leon Stynen

This building we’ve made a home for ourselves in is a modernistic cathedral spanning 15.000 square meters. A building we’ve transformed and continue to transform into a true creative hub in the city of Antwerp. A building that listens to the name of…


WATT stands for Working Apart Thinking Together.

But more than an abbreviation, WATT refers to the history of the building,
designed in 1958 by Léon Stynen for Electrabel (then known as E.B.E.S.).
Stynen — a contemporary of Theo van Doesburg (de Stijl), Walter Gropius (Bauhaus), and Le Corbusier — tackled this building like he did every other of his architectural endeavors, with a modernistic functionality. Framed in concrete with a floor to ceiling view of the Albert park on the first floor, the building houses ten floors of potential. Ten floors of creative playground to work in, to grow in, to connect in. 


Where to find us

Mechelsesteenweg 271
2018 Antwerpen



We provide an indoor private parking for members at:

Lamorinièretsraat 272

For events we can provide extra outdoor parking:

Boomgaardstraat 29 


Public Transport

Tram 2, 6, 7, and 15
Bus 17, 191, 507

'Harmonie' stop



The nearest 'Velo' stations are: 'Harmonie', 'De Merode', and 'Haringrode'