Work & Meet



We offer a fully equipped workstation or custom office, and
a well-defined package of services such as secretarial and management support.

All of our office space formules include:

Access to the F&S network and invite-only admission to
professional, cultural, and social events.

Our full services, a community to collaborate and connect with, and an environment that has the tangible feel of a boutique hotel.


The cost of each of our formules depends on the selected workstation and location.


Our FLEXIBLE formules

Flexible Coworking Space


Make a reservation for a half day or a full day. Available 5 days a week during the daytime. Walk-ins welcome.

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Your pass includes a drink of your choice & something to eat (breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon treat). You have full access to our lobby, its amenities, and our services.

Feel free to invite guests to join you for a meeting.


Antwerp | Half day: €15/pp | Full Day:€ 25/pp

Brussels | Half day: €20/pp | Full Day:€ 30/pp


One day per month included. Pay as you go for extra days. Available 5 days a week during the daytime.


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Perfect for when you occasionally want to work in our lobby, but don't want to commit to a full membership. You have full access to our lobby, its amenities, and our services.

Your membership includes one day per month, pay as you go for extra days.


€ 35 / month / pp + €15 for each extra day

Office Space For Freelancers


You're welcome in our lobby 5 days a week during the daytime. Just find your spot.


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You have full access to our lobby, its amenities, and our services.


€ 175 / month / pp


Shared, but in a closed area

24/7 access to our lobby and
private work area.

Access to focus booths,
smaller meeting rooms,
and chill corners

All services included

Private Work Area At Fosbury & Sons


Pick any (standing) desk or shared work table. 

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As a Resident you have 24/7 access to Fosbury & Sons. Your working space is in a keycard-only access zone.

Just pick your spot: communal table, sitting or standing desk. Or, one of our many couches or hidden chill-out spots.

If you prefer a permanent working space, then look into our Atelier option.


€ 295 / month / pp

Fosbury & Sons - Coworking Space - Atelier.jpg


Dedicated work spot in a shared closed work space.

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You have 24/7 access to Fosbury & Sons. Your working space is a shared suite in a keycard-only access zone.

You can choose your permanent spot at one of the island desks and set it up whichever way you like.



€ 385 / month / pp


Our suites

Private bureau & tailor-made packages

Our suites come in a variety of sizes, something to suit whichever kind of office you require.


Private work space for your team.
24/7 access to lobby and private work area


Enquire for pricing.


In need of a lot more space for your squad? Then look into our XL-Suites.
They come with their own private office for 20 to 40 people and private meeting rooms. 


Enquire for pricing.


the renaissance of work

Through co-working in a luxurious
and supportive setting.

Our lobby is a communal workspace with an in-house cafe and bar. Choose between a shared table, a standing or sitting desk, or one of our many couches.

In need of focus? We have several focus booths and hidden corners.


The monthly membership fee includes utility costs (maintenance, heating, electricity, insurance, etc.). No de-coupling possible.

Please note. All rates mentioned above are opening rates and subject to review. Prices are VAT-exclusive. For an extensive list of what is included, please get in touch